10 Things You Can Do To Save The Bees

Presented by Master Gardener Sindey Platz

1.  Plant bee friendly flowers and herbs – put that lawn mower back in the shed

2. “Weeds” can “bee” good (clover and dandelions) – live and let live

3. Don’t mono-crop, plant various types of flowers and herbs – forget the turf

4. Don’t use chemicals and pesticides in your yard or garden – just say NO

5. Provide a small basin of fresh water outside – Kansas summers are hot

6. Build a bee home – don’t forget the ground bees

7. Protect nest sites – leave those brush/leaf piles

8. Encourage and educate your neighbors to support bees – spread the word

9. Support local sustainable agriculture

10.Become a bee keeper – honey and native bees alike

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