Bee Pollinators

Sindey Platz, Douglas County Master Gardener, will be the speaker for the Bee Pollinators presentation.

Sindey became a hobby beekeeper after her retirement in 2014. She was interested in the genetic research that was being performed in the development of Varroa destructor resistance in bee colonies. The honey bee-varroa mite resistance model allows Sindey to utilize her degree and career experience in genetics, specifically population genetics at a hobby level. Her beekeeping experience began with training through the Northeastern Kansas Bee Keepers Association, Kansas Honey Producers Association and expands with yearly continuing education.

The presentation will briefly cover the following topics:

  • Bee friendly plants and planting suggestions for bee populations
  • Types of bees found in nature
  • Touch on becoming a beekeeper- types of hives, equipment, location
  • Bee Biology – behavior, physical appearance (bee vs. wasp)
  • Bee Pests – humans, animals, bugs, mites, diseases
  • Products from bees

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