Composting and Mulching

Stan Ring, an Emeritus Douglas County Master Gardener, will be the speaker for the Composting and Mulching presentation. Stan was previously the horticulture program assistant for K-State Research and Extension in Douglas County.

Compost is produced in piles or pits from organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings, manures, straw, hay and garden refuse. It can be applied as a thin top dressing for lawns, as mulch around shrubs and young trees, or mixed into the soil in vegetable and flower gardens. One of the greatest benefits of making compost is recycling garden and yard waste into a useful product and reducing the amount of solid waste in the landfill to help improve the environment.

Mulching is an important practice that can reduce the work you have to do to maintain your garden. Mulch can:

  • Conserve soil water
  • Control weed growth
  • Keep soil temperature uniform

Composting and Mulching references:

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