Gardening for Pollinators

Susan Rendall, a Douglas County Master Gardener, will be the speaker for the Gardening for Pollinators presentation.

Susan started gardening at her mother’s knee. She now has an acre of her own that is best described as a Country English Garden, as well as four acres of prairie. Susan says that her husband, Doug, provides much of the labor in their garden as well as picking the berries.

Susan became a Master Gardener in 2008 after participating in the same program in Wisconsin for three years. Susan has been a co-chair of the Monarch Watch demonstration garden for four years. She is a member-at-large on the Board of Directors, and has given presentations in the community. Her garden has been on the Douglas County Master Gardeners’ Garden Tour twice. This experience makes her very knowledgeable about gardening to attract pollinators

Attracting butterflies and other pollinators can be enjoyable for you, and is great for our environment. To learn about what plants are best to plant, and what pollinators they attract, check out the following resources.

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