2022 Native Plant Sale Bloom Boxes

Our Native plant sale is over, but we wanted to leave our Bloom Box listing available as a guide to plants for specific climates/purposes.

Native species have evolved over millennia according to natural processes. These plants would have existed in our Kansas landscape prior to the widespread European settlement of the 1800s. Because these plants developed naturally under local conditions, they are well-adapted to the region’s climate and soils. They also support the pollinators and wildlife that have evolved in the same area. They contribute much more than exotic species to habitat richness.

Click on the Boom Box name to view a PDF document with details about the contents.

Shady Characters Bloom Box

These plants do well in part shade to shade in medium soil moisture. This box will provide the most blooms in spring to early summer, but the blue sage will bloom from July to October.

  • Northern maidenhair fern
  • Blue woodland phlox
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Rue anemone
  • Blue sage

The Bee’s Knees Bloom Box

Want to help the bees thrive? Bees love these plants. They will do well in sun to part sun in medium to dry soil, although the goldenrod can take a moist soil. Many of these plants have long bloom times and will provide the little buzzers food from April to October.

  • White wild indigo
  • Ohio horsemint
  • Broad leafed purple coneflower
  • Riddell’s goldenrod
  • Black eyed Susan

Humdinger Bloom Box

This box provides a continuous supply of food for hummingbirds May to October. They do well in sunny conditions in medium to moist soil and will provide blooms all season long.

  • Whorled milkweed
  • Rough blazing star
  • Winged loosestrife
  • Sand prairie phlox
  • Prairie obedient plant

Rain on My Parade Bloom Box

Have a boggy area in your yard? These plants can tolerate and thrive in wet soil conditions in sun to part shade. This box provides blooms from April to September.

  • Meadow anemone
  • Blue flag iris
  • Dudley’s rush
  • Fringed loosestrife
  • Marsh shield fern

Metamorphosis Bloom Box

This box provides food for both Monarch and Swallowtail caterpillars and butterflies. These plants like sunny locations and medium to dry soil and will provide blooms all season long.

  • Butterfly milkweed
  • Prairie milkweed
  • Rough blazing star
  • Broad-leafed purple coneflower
  • Golden alexander

Beginner’s Luck Bloom Box

No luck is need for these plants! They are easy to grow and have long bloom times. Plant them in a sunny spot in medium to dry soil for blooms from May to October.

  • Missouri primrose
  • Purple poppy mallow
  • Sand prairie phlox
  • Sand coreopsis
  • Wild petunia

Desert for 5 Bloom Box

Save on your water bill! These are drought tolerant plants. They will need water the first year until they become established, but then will tolerate and thrive in drier conditions. Plant them in a sunny location in medium to dry soil for blooms from June to September.

  • Nodding wild onion
  • Thimbleweed
  • Upright coneflower
  • Plains pear cactus
  • Rock pink

Hot Shots Bloom Box

This box provides some shots of bright, strong color to make you garden pop! These plants do well in sun to in medium to dry soil. This box will provide blooms from May to August.

  • Purple poppy mallow
  • Sand coreopsis
  • Rose verbena
  • Blue flag iris
  • Marsh blazing star

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