New! Hoop House

We are excited to welcome you all to our new hoop house. Our Master Gardener volunteers have been working hard to make the hoop house an great place to learn about gardening. There are three in-ground raised beds, two elevated raised beds, a work bench and three potting tables in our hoop house. You can take a tour of the hoop house on March 12, 2022 between 10:30 and 2:00 to see what goes on in a hoop house, and take a free herb plant home with you.

Our hoop house will also host workshops by Sara Vancil during the Garden Show on Square Foot Gardening at 9:30  and 2:00. This technique helps make the most of garden space by creating a small, orderly and productive kitchen garden. The workshops are limited to 10 participants each. If interested, please register here.

Sara Vancil, Douglas County Master Gardener

Sara Vancil has been a resident of Lawrence since 2007 and focuses her gardening efforts on growing food including all manner of vegetables and herbs along with a variety of fruits. When Sara started her garden in 2010 at her home in southwest Lawrence, she decided to use raised beds for the majority of her food production.  She learned the Square Foot Gardening method and has found it useful for growing a lot of food in a small space in a neat and efficient way. Come learn about SFG and how it might work in your garden!

If you want more information about Square Foot Gardening or hoop houses, go to the Hoop House Resources page.

Below are photos of our Master Gardeners working on the hoop house.

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