Squash Surgery: A Tutorial (with video!)

When Tom and Arlene Whitten (EMG 2017) noticed the telltale signs of squash vine borer on their squash, they decided to take the unusual route of performing surgery in order to salvage their plants.  "I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain," said Arlene.  Added Tom, "This is what happens when you're... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Iris

Carole Mitchell’s inspiring love of irises was sparked by her grandmother.  Mitchell, a Master Gardener since 2000, began growing them in Texas in 1962.  Her collection expanded when she moved to Illinois in 1968 because she had the space to devote to the plants and lived there long enough to establish a garden.  When Mitchell... Continue Reading →

Master Gardeners and Just Food

Master Gardener Cindy Haines began donating leftover produce to area food banks in 2003. “We lived on a farm,” said Haines. “My husband Jim had a very productive vegetable garden and we were trying to figure out what to do with it.” Rather than compost the extras, they gave it to local agencies who made... Continue Reading →

Monarch Watch Demonstration Garden

The Monarch Watch demonstration garden is maintained and developed by Douglas County Master Gardeners and is situated on the University of Kansas West Campus. Professor Chip Taylor and his staff play a teaching role and instruct Master Gardeners about when to be aware of butterflies and caterpillars. Master Gardeners work with the Monarch Watch organization... Continue Reading →

Baldwin Demonstration Garden

The Baldwin City Demonstration Garden is tucked into a quiet corner of Baldwin’s busy downtown at the intersection of 8th Street and High Street in Tom Swan Park. Master Gardeners work to demonstrate how a wide variety of perennial and annual plants may be grown in a small, heavily used space. “Our focus is to... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Evening Recipes

These recipes were served at the Enchanted Evening in the Garden fundraising event held at Susan and Doug Rendall's home.  We are providing them here for you to make at home with your own home-grown herbs and flowers.  Enjoy! Tahitian Rose Lemonade 3 fresh lemons (organic)                  ... Continue Reading →

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