Native Medicinal Garden

Photo credit: Alison Dishinger The Native Medicinal Garden is a demonstration garden managed by the Douglas County Master Gardeners in collaboration with Kansas Biological Survey. “All of the plants in our garden are native to the Midwest and Great Plains except for culinary herbs,” explains Master Gardener Roxie McGee, one of the garden coordinators. “We... Continue Reading →

Meet the Master Gardeners: Jim Blom

When did you start gardening? When I was eight or nine, I walked to my grandpa’s farm and worked. My grandfather grew a lot of his own food to feed his nine children.  I pulled weeds, turned the soil, and picked strawberries. I always ate a few when he wasn’t looking. When I had a... Continue Reading →

Fairgrounds Demonstration Garden

The Master Gardener Demonstration Garden at the Douglas County Fairgrounds serves to provide inspiration and education for a variety of landscapes. Kevin Nelson, Coordinator of the Demonstration Garden, explains, “Whatever your interests are, there is an example. We are here to demonstrate how plants grow in Kansas. The ten themed beds can provide ideas to... Continue Reading →

Roxie McGee holding silk cloth that was dyed using rose verbena leaves from the Native Medicinal Garden.  When did you start gardening? I don’t remember a time when I didn’t garden. I grew up on a farm and my mother made me do the weeding, which I hated because I wanted to be out on... Continue Reading →

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