Ross Garden

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

Homeowner Laura Ross was ready to garden.   Having spent most of her adult life moving about, when Laura and her husband Martin settled into their current home Laura knew two things:  she did not want to mow and she wanted a garden.  Fortunately for Laura her goals were compatible.  

While stationed in England during her service in the United State Air Force, Laura learned that homes do not have yards – they have gardens.   And so, for the past twelve years Laura has been replacing her grass yard with a garden filled with diverse and colorful plant beds. The conversion started with the shaded area under her large maple tree and a philosophy that “if it grows it stays.”  Other beds soon followed.  

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

Each spring, neighbors are greeted with a vast array of daffodils, giant crocus, Siberian squill, ,bluebells, tulips and hyacinths.  Raised beds support strawberries and herbs.   Children delight in the “smiley face” – winter wolf bane – that graces the side garden.  A stone retaining wall covered in vinca provides flood control, and a unique bird bath welcomes visitors to the front door.   

Scattered throughout guests will see unusual yard art – such as garden borders created from the endcaps of Japanese roofing tiles.  

Stone pathways lead through specialty beds filled with prized daylilies with names like Miss Piggy, Ducks Dark Side and Red Kangaroo! There is also an “older than dirt” patch with cultivars that were started before Laura was born.  

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

A close look at plant names reveals bed themes. Can you find the sci-fi bed filled with cultivars of Radiation, BioHazard, Life on Mars and Atomic Glow?  Be sure to search for the super hero and animal beds as well! 

Other highlights include a living wall of dahlias.  For those seeking inspiration on what to do with the curbside strips (referred to by some as hell strips!) Laura has native plants and shrubs that require little maintenance but delight passers-by.   

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

Laura’s garden is constantly evolving and expanding, begging the question, “Who needs a yard, when you can have gardens!”

Favorite Plants

  • Lily.  Lilium.
  • Serviceberry.  Amelanchier Canadensis
  • Switchgrass.  Panicum Virgatum.
  • Daylilies.      Laura Ross is a member of The American Daylily Association, her garden is filled with unique cultivars and award winning plants.  See individual plant tags for cultivar. 

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