Who We Are


This image and the rudbeckia header image were taken by Master Gardener Alison Dishinger.

Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners are people who love to garden, learn about gardening and share what they learn with others.  We are a community of gardeners who share a curiosity for learning, a passion for conservation, and a sense of obligation to enrich our community through outreach, education and beautification.

We are volunteers trained in all aspects of horticulture.  Our mission is to provide research-based gardening information to help Douglas County residents.  If you like people and plants and are willing to learn and then share your knowledge with others, you can become a Master Gardener. Trainees receive education on a variety of topics, such as basic botany, soils, fertility, turf grass, landscape management, ornamental trees and shrubs, herbaceous plants, vegetable gardening, indoor gardening, pest management, and plant pathology.


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